Creating Virtual & Augmented Reality

for real estate and property development worldwide.

Визуальные решения, которые продают

VirtualLand is a creative team dedicated to producing captivating multimedia material for the property and real estate development industries. Our original and versatile digital media and tech-smart solutions help your clients reach informed decisions and leaves them with a memorable impression of your brand.

Where should VR be used?

Off-plan property


Marketing events

Real estate and property expositions and international outreach

New-build and other current properties

Virtual demonstration

Impress every client

The presentation scenario, quality of VR & AR execution and the format of the demonstration itself will leave an indelible impression on each viewer.

Virtual and augmented reality can showcase an off-plan property as if it were a new-build, allowing the potential buyer a glimpse into their future and generating trust through believability.

Order demonstration

A virtual show - home, the practical step for property developers:

  • Reduced costs and timeframe of delivery (compared to an actual show home)
  • Demonstrate numerous stylistic and furnishing options from the comfort of your sales office
  • Ability to show varied interior layout solutions
  • Ability to preview actual, future window views
A virtual show home can begin ‘viewings’ as soon as sales commence, with no additional cost going towards upkeep.